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Camille Tremblay

Circus Artist – Hand Balancer

     I am an athlete as much as an artist. For 10 years, Rhythmic Gymnastics was part of my childhood and, for the past 13 years, Circus Arts are what helped me become the person I am. Not long ago, CrossFit became another one of my multiple passions.

     Balancing on hands is my speciality on and off stage. With my joy for teaching, high experience, and love for this discipline, I have developed a few ways to combine and spread my passions: giving private lessons and workshops worldwide and offering online coaching.

     For me, there’s nothing more satisfying than helping someone reach personal objectives. What are yours?

Need help with your handstand? Here’s what you need!

Personalized program

For one month, your program will be provided at the start of each week. It will contain 4 days of hand-balancing training per week and is full of exercises for stability, strength, endurance, and mobility. All you need is a living room!

Hands-On coaching

I want to keep an eye on your daily training! For this, I ask that you send me videos throughout the week so that I can quickly guide you to the perfect handstand hold.

Video Call

Once a week we will have a video call to share your hand-balancing progressions. You will also have access to my impressive video galery of exercises.

You own a Gym, a CrossFit or a Yoga studio?

My workshop formula is perfect for you! The class is 1h30 and can host up to 14 people at the same time. I go through the basics of hand-balancing and up to the ultimate goal (in the CrossFit world) of achieving the infamous “Handstand Walk.”

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